Healthy Aging

September 24, 2021

Celebrating Healthy Aging Month With Healthy Habits

As we age, it’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of growing old. Our vision deteriorates, joint pain occurs more frequently, and things don’t taste the same as they used to. 

However, there are just as many (if not more) good things that come with age, such as perspective, confidence, and of course, grandkids! 

Technology and changing mindsets toward aging make growing old easier than ever before. Not only that, but if you develop healthy habits now, you’ll set yourself up for many years of graceful aging. So what are some of these healthy habits?

Rediscover Your Purpose

  • What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Which activity or aspect of your day do you most anticipate?
  • How do you work toward personal growth?

Staying positive as you see each new year of life speeding toward you is so much easier when you have a purpose and passion. It is more than just something to do, a newfound passion can make you feel young and excited all over again!

Grow Your Relationships

  • Who do you call to celebrate exciting news with?
  • If you need a helping hand or an encouraging word, do you have a support system?
  • Are you spending time with others at least 2-3 times per week?

Even the most introverted person will admit that spending time with another person is therapeutic and necessary to maintaining healthy mental and emotional health. We have to face it, we are relational beings. Whether you have old tried and true friends that you have known for years, or you are in a season of making new connections, making an intentional effort to share your life with loved ones is key to healthy aging.

Take Charge of Your Health

  • Do you have a trusted primary care physician?
  • Are you keeping up with your recommended annual exams and testing?
  • Have you been experiencing new symptoms that you are unsure of?

Health is nothing to play around with at any age, but especially not as you begin to get older. But your healthcare doesn’t have to be something that scares you either. Physicians are passionate about their area of medicine and many Highland Clinic Providers have expressed the joy they find in walking with a patient through many years of care. It is all about building your team of trusted providers that will help you walk through familiar or unexpected trials. Don’t wait until something “happens” to find a provider you trust, build that trusted team now and let them take the stress of getting older off your shoulders.