September 21, 2022

Hearing that a Highland Clinic orthopedic surgeon is performing the latest in innovative procedures on their patients is not groundbreaking news. Their physicians have been on the cutting edge of orthopedic health for over 50 years. But the latest evolution of surgical technology, personalized surgical mapping, is offering patients a host of new benefits and one of Highland Clinic’s orthopedic surgeons is the first in our area to offer this cutting edge technology.

Dr. George Byram, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine surgeon at Highland Clinic, has been seeing incredible post-surgical results from the latest in personalized surgical mapping. Dr. Byram shares, “the reduction in surgical complication rates with reverse total shoulder procedures using the ExactechGPS Navigation technique has been significant.” This new technique guided by advanced GPS navigation, uses each patient’s scans to create a personalized & customizable 3D image that Byram can then create a surgical plan around. After reviewing his patient’s unique bone composition through the navigation technology, Byram is able to place the shoulder implant exactly where his patient’s specific anatomy dictates. This groundbreaking, pre-operative surgical mapping allows Byram to avoid possible complications that can result from seeing the patient’s unique bone structure for the first time in the operating room. The ExactechGPS Navigation isn’t only for pre-operative planning however. Once the shoulder repair has begun, Byram is able to track his progress every step of the way in real-time with the use of proprietary ExactechGPS Navigational Sensors. Ultimately, this technique has led to increased surgical precision, quicker surgery times, and a greatly reduced rate of complications. This translates into increased bone preservation, less time under anesthesia, and quicker overall recovery times for patients.