Highland Clinic has just added the Optima* MR450w 1.5T with GEM Suite coil technology to our imaging services. This advanced system is designed to help maximize comfort for patients undergoing MR exams. Features include:

  • The GEM Suite is an integrated system that combines high-density Radio Frequency surface coils and innovative software technologies designed to provide uncompromised image quality.
  • A 70 cm wide bore to add patient space for comfort
  • A table surface with different cushion densities designed to alleviate pressure points
  • A coil array that offers feet-first imaging for all exam types
  • MAGIC - One scan that can do the work of many with images acquired in as little as half the time to acquire separate sequences, fully integrated in a seamless workflow.

  • This system also delivers uncompromised imaging capability for the most advanced and demanding exams. The soft, flexible GEM Suite coils follow body contours while facilitating high resolution, signal-to noise (SNR) imaging from the top of the head down to the feet. Plus, advanced functionality gives you the tools to help you to make definitive diagnoses.
  • MAVRIC SL - First available clear MR Imaging on patients with metal implant devices, such as hip replacements, total knee replacements, etc. MAVRIC SL is an acquisition and reconstruction technique for imaging soft tissue and bone near MR Conditional devices.
  • Silent Feature - Acoustic reduction technology allows the use of extremely quiet imaging in MR. Studies done in the MR shows that it operates at nearly ambient noise levels.
  • The silent feature is for brain, body & MSK.
  • A more Caring MR Suite®
    The following features play a large role in the Caring MR Suite’s ability to calm patients:
  • Control - to ease anxiety
  • Personalization - to fit moods and preferences
  • Nature imagery - to calm and help patients heal more quickly, with less medication
  • Choice - to enhance positive sensory absorption

  • Patients and caregivers tap the Caring MR Suite App to choose a favorite HD Nature Theme, ambient lighting color, music – even a favorite movie.

    Nature Themes feature original HD nature video created specifically for patients. Themes are paired with soothing music and colored lighting that can be easily personalized. Patients can request a music style or bring in music on a compatible smart phone, MP3 player or CD.


    PROPELLER 3.0 delivers high-resolution, motion-insensitive imaging in all planes even for challenging patients, as seen in the comparison images of axial T2 FLAIR PROPELLER 3.0 vs. conventional FLAIR.

    The GEM head and neck unit provides a high-density imaging solution for patients of various shapes and sizes, as seen in the excellent homogeneity and penetration of sagittal STIR and axial t2 frFSE of the cervical spine.


    PROPELLER 3.0 PD FSE with fat suppression.

    Downloadable Forms:

    MRI Screening Questionaire & Consent MRI Screening Questionaire & Consent (2010 KB)

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